Recommended resources and tools needed for travel in Namibia

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1. Tracks for Africa maps   T4a

GPS map (only for Garmin) and the paper map
The T4A GPS Maps are built from the GPS tracklogs of the traveling community. It gives distances in km and time. If it says a 180 km road takes 4 hours to complete, you will not complete it faster unless you take serious chances. It even shows picnic trees next to the road.

Book: Camping & Lodging Directory: Namibia & Botswana
The camp sites and lodging are all plotted on the Tracks4Africa GPS map. If you have the T4A maps on your GPS, it will navigate you to your destination and will even tell you how long it still is to get there. There is a total of 780 listings with 212 camp sites and 577 lodgings for Namibia.

2. South African 4x4 Community Forum   4x4 forum

Active community where you can search for any topic or ask questions.

3. Photography

Photography equipment is a personal thing and each person has his or her own style of shooting. There are, however, certain equipment which could drastically improve your image quality.
a. A sturdy tripod will greatly improve the number of photos that are in focus. Even for a "point and shoot" camera and phone camera you should use some sort of stabilising gadget.
b. A bean bag to stabilise your camera when shooting from the car or laying on the ground.
c. A remote trigger (or use the camera timer to further reduce camera shake).
d. The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE), a program to assist the planning of outdoor photography. It shows direction of sunrise etc. on a topographical map, helping you to plan your shots.

4. Useful links

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